Medicinal Forest Gardening

Become your own herbal apothecary with the Design and Harvest courses

If you want to grow and use plants to benefit health then you can do more than simply cultivate herbs. On our Design Course you can learn how to create a biodiverse planting project that includes medicinal trees and shrubs. With permaculture design you can develop a plan to fit your particular needs. Following on with our Harvest Course you will find out about guidelines for good quality harvesting and drying. And you will discover the many preparations which can be made to preserve the plant material for promoting health and dealing with common ailments.
Herbal preparations you can make


  • Which course shall I do first?

    You can do the courses in any order! However, if you are unsure then we would recommend starting with the Design course.

  • How long will the courses take to complete?

    Each course is made up of 10 lessons with short videos, downloads and information sheets. There are also suggested activities. Without the activities you can probably complete each course in a few weeks. If you want to get the most out of the course and do the activities then we suggest you focus on one lesson per week.

  • Why should I buy the bundle?

    You can buy the Design and Harvest courses separately! However, if you buy the Medicinal Forest Gardening Bundle then you save £10 which is over 10% of the cost of both courses.

  • How do I find out what is included in each course?

    To find out the detailed content of each course you can click on the images above to reach their specific landing pages. On each course landing page you can see the full curriculum listed on an item-by-item basis.

  • When do the courses start?

    Both courses are offered online and you can start straight away.

Bonus Material

  • Join a Zoom meeting

    Students enrolled on the Design course have the opportunity to join a regular Zoom meeting with the tutor. During the meeting you will hear about design matters and seasonal harvests.

  • Extra Recipes

    On the Harvest Course you will discover over 50 extra medicinal recipes that can be used with plants from the forest garden. You can also find out about the best ways to obtain equipment and resources.

  • Join the Community!

    As a registered student you are welcome to join in the Medicinal Forest Gardeining Community. Use the Community noticeboard to post about your studies, to share experiences, and make links with others.

Become a medicinal forest gardener!

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